Organisers for this year’s Vodafone Pacific Music Awards say much more public support is needed for Pacific music.

Events Manager Petrina Togi-Sa’ena is pleased to see a strong line-up of Pacific artists set to be honoured at the event in south Auckland on 1 June.

The Disney blockbuster movie Moana grossed over $600 million internationally and the soundtrack is one of the finalists for the awards.

Ms Togi-Sa’ena said although Pacific artists were being recognised on an international scale, there is still more to be done and public help is needed.

“We have the Vodafone Peoples Choice Award, so that’s our real one where the public can get involved and vote, so all the finalists are up for that and its through the Vodafone website. Its just generally supporting the artist so whether thats buying some music or getting along to some gigs. Just sort of extending the support.”

Last year’s winner of the Peoples Choice Award was hip hop group Ill Semantics.